Feb 252013
Aging People/Aging Planet

  Climate change doesn’t just threaten our planet; it also poses enormous challenges for older adults, say acclaimed artists Mary Lou Dauray and Orna Makleff. Inspired to take creative action and draw attention to this global problem, the two have created an artistic exhibition, “Aging People/Aging Planet,” which will run from March 2 through June [Continue Reading...]

Feb 212013
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Reexamining End-Of-Life Care

ElderBranch, a resource for people looking for senior careproviders, recently published a series of articles regarding end-of-life care: where we are today, innovative models and interviews with experts. Below is an excerpt from our interview with Susan Enguidanos, Ph.D., of the USC Davis School of Gerontology about a palliative care program that she helped design [Continue Reading...]

Feb 142013
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Low-Protein Diet Slows Alzheimer’s in Mice

Mice with many of the pathologies of Alzheimer’s Disease showed fewer signs of the disease when given a protein-restricted diet supplemented with specific amino acids every other week for four months. Mice at advanced stages of the disease were put on the new diet. They showed improved cognitive abilities over their non-dieting peers when their [Continue Reading...]

Feb 012013
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Vibrant Living 2013: Embracing Your Potential

Welcome to the first installment of our Vibrant Living Blog!  For almost 40 years the USC Davis School of Gerontology has been recognized as a premiere institution for aging research and education. We’ve immersed ourselves in the science of not just how “we” age, but also why? We’ve spent untold hours poring over petri dishes, analyzing data, and [Continue Reading...]