University of Southern California

Studies have shown there to be more personal interaction between students and the instructor in online classes than in the traditional classroom. The difference is that communication takes the form of messages back and forth via email and through discussions held in both text-based and video chats allowing all students to participate and interact with the professor and each other directly.

The online master's program (M.A.) in gerontology provides an opportunity for professionals who are currently working in an organization serving older adults and who can not come to campus to acquire the skills and formal training in gerontology. The required courses are delivered through the internet.The online program requires 28 units of course work and the students are required to begin their course work of study by taking GERO 500.

The Online Graduate Certificate has the same requirements as the traditional certificate offered on the USC campus with just a few additions. Students will be required to take the introductory course, Fundamentals of Gerontology: the science of adult development. Next in the sequence will be the four core courses: Psychology, Sociology, Biology, and Policy of aging and development. Finally, students will take four units of elective courses.