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Sending and Receiving Emails

Ready to send and receive e-mail? To get started, use one of the programs in the following list. If you're new to USC, make sure that you first activate your computer account.

  • Eudora
    Fast, easy-to-use program that is popular among novices and experienced users.

  • Netscape
    View images and movies without starting another program.

  • Outlook
    Integrates smoothly with other Microsoft Office products.

  • Outlook Express
    Found wherever Internet Explorer is installed.

  • Entourage
    Microsoft Office's mail client for the Mac.

  • Mail
    Apple's built in mail client for Mac OS X.

  • Pine
    Requires no configuration. Convenient if you check your e-mail from several different computers. Simply telnet to your USC computer account and start reading and writing messages.

  • USC Email (USC's web mail client)
    Accesses your e-mail messages from most web browsers, without any extra configuration.

  • E-mail Concepts
    Issues you may come across when using e-mail here at USC.


VPN - Download Software - Support

The Virtual Private Network software allows customers to access USC-restricted resources from a remote location.

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