Biomarker Laboratories

Below is a list of academic and commercial laboratories that have experience working with large population studies.  This list is not exhaustive nor is meant to imply endorsement, but can be a starting point for planning research activities.

Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry Research
Department of Pathology, University of Vermont School of Medicine
This laboratory is well-known for doing work on a variety of assays, including cytokines, for large epidemiologic studies in the U.S. The lab developed and performed DBS assays of CRP and Cystatin C for the Health and Retirement Study.

Director: Russell P. Tracy, PhD

Laboratory Coordinator: Elaine Cornell

Administrative Assistant: Pamela Burton

University of Washington Department of Medicine Dried Blood Spot Laboratory
Immunology Division, Department of Laboratory Medicine
The laboratory has worked to refine DBS assays as well as automate many of the steps associated with DBS processing.  They have assayed DBS samples for a number of large population studies and perform DBS assays of HbA1c, CRP, Cystatin C, Vitamin D, EBV.

Director:  Mark H. Wener, MD

Laboratory Director: Alan Potter, PhD
Department of Laboratory Medicine 
University of Washington
Telephone: 206-897-4716/206-897-4715
Mail: Box 359743, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA 98104

Laboratory for Human Biology Research
Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
This lab has made important contributions to the development of DBS assays and training of personnel to perform assays in a variety of countries.  The laboratory has performed assays for large studies, including NSHAP, but does not regularly provide laboratory services to large studies.  

Director:  Thomas McDade, PhD
1810 Hinman Ave
Evanston, IL  60208

Heritage Labs (Out of Business)
Commercial provider of DBS analyses
This lab provided assays of HbA1c, total and HDL cholesterol for HRS.

Commercial provider of DBS analyses, including Hemoglobin A1c

Technical University of Dresden
Biological Psychology
Zellescher Weg 17, Raum A223
D-01062 Dresden, Germany
This lab specializes in the assay of cortisol from saliva and is developing assays for hair samples.  They have worked with several epidemiologic studies such as MIDUS, CARDIA, and MESA.

Director: Dr. Clemens Kirschbaum

Commercial provider of salivary assay services, kits, and collection materials

ZRT Labs
Commercial provider of DBS analyses


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