Northern Ireland Cohort Longitudinal Study Of Ageing (NICOLA)

The Northern Ireland Cohort Longitudinal Study of Aging is a longitudinal study of people aged 50 years and above in the Northern Ireland. The study provides information on health and social care utilization, health behaviors, medication, mental, physical and cognitive health, employment, finances, retirement, social connectedness, social participation, driving and travel, housing, consumption and expectations.

Data Collection
From autumn 2013, 8500 men and women aged 50 years and above will be invited to join the study. Those who are invited to take part will be randomly selected from all over 50’s living in the community and will be representative of the population as a whole. Study participants will be invited for interview every 2 years and for a health assessment every 4 years. They will be followed-up for a period of at least 10 years.

The health assessment will include a review of cardiovascular, cognitive and respiratory function; physical activity, visual health and body composition. Participants will also be asked to provide biological samples for detailed laboratory analysis, including genetic analysis.

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