Business Services


Dominic Alpuche, MBA, Chief Business Officer

Maricela Rodriguez, Budget Analysis

Regina Gongoll, Post-Award Administrator

Linda Hall, Research Administrator

Wendy Snaer, Sr. HR Business Partner 

Operations Manual

The Business Office provides parking reservations for guest of Faculty only.  Note that we are not permitted to pay for parking of Faculty or Staff employees.

Email requests to

Request reservations as soon as possible or at least 2 business days in advance

Information needed: Business Purpose, Guest Name(s), Date, Time


Parking reservations for Grant Projects

For grant project related parking reservations, an Internal Requisition has to be set-up

The Internal Requisition will need SBO signature. Once signed, send it to Monique Williams,, in transportation services to activate your IR number.

Go to USC Transportation Services website to make your reservation.

Service Request

In case of an emergency, please contact the customer support center ext 06833

Email all requests to the Gero Business Office,

Information needed: Service needed, room number, completion date (if applicable), and times when work cannot be completed, contact person if other than yourself

Email all requests to Gero Business Office,

Information needed:

  1. Phones: Name, extension, room number, grid (jack) number from and to
  2. Data: Name, room number, grid (jack) number
  3. Time TBD by ITS

Email all requests to Gero Business Office,


  • All master key requests require approval of Dominic Alpuche
  • Supervisor approval is needed for students requests

Information needed:

  1. Full name, USC ID number (10 digit), Room number
  2. If keys are not immediately available, please allow two weeks for ordering

Email all requests to

Have all attachments ready for print

Information needed:

  1. quantity, stapled, color, B/W
  2. Allow for 24hr turnaround. If a rush is needed, please bring in person

Basic office supplies will be provided by the Business Office such as paper, pens, folders, post-its, paper clips, etc. These items will be kept in stock. Please pick items up from the Business Office.

Outgoing packages can be left at the front desk of the Business Office.

Make sure your package has all labels necessary for mailing such as hazardous, special handling, dry ice, etc.

Call USC Mailing & Materials Management, ext 11200 to request pick-up before 4pm (last pick-up is at 5pm)

For overnight mailing, make sure you set-up an online account and print appropriate labels. If you need help with setting up an account, see Maricela Rodriguez in the Business Office.

USC Services may be paid using an IR (Bookstore, Gas Services, Campus Restaurants). To process an IR, please use the link Make sure to include Business Purpose (the who, what, where, why) and Account Number.


All USC employees have access for processing reimbursements in Kuali with a “Disbursement Voucher Quick Expense (DVQE)” document for travel and non-travel expenses.  The DVQE Step-by-Step Guide will guide you through the process.

Reimbursements must have a business purpose. Include dates, conference/event name, expense type, location, and guest names if applicable (example: Travel to New Orleans, LA for Gerontological Society of America Conference – 11/1/16 – 11/4/16)

Receipts – Make sure receipts include payment method used and billing information (example: Visa ****1234). Bank statement may not be used in lieu of receipt. Please fill out a missing-receipt-declaration form

Account and Object Codes

  •  Contact the Business Office to provide you with your account/s
  • Most common object codes for reimbursements are the following:
    • 18100 – DOMESTIC TRAVEL
    • 18200 – FOREIGN TRAVEL

Direct Deposit for Reimbursement – To sign up for direct deposit for reimbursements, fill out the direct deposit form and submit to the business office for processing.

Note: If you are a university employee, Kuali direct deposit is not related not related to the direct deposit processes for payroll.  You will need to sign up for Kuali direct deposit as well.


Please visit the university’s Business Services website for detailed information on reimbursements, payments and forms needed


University Maximum Rates – Updated 2/1/2018

Check the university Business Services website for most up-to-date rates

Check with your supervisor for grant or program maximum rates


Expense Type Maximum Rate/Person Notes
Actual Meal and Lodging Limit $450/day
Actual Meal Limit $100/meal
Domestic Meals and Lodging Allowance $140/day
Domestic Meal Allowance $46/day
International Meals and Lodging Allowance U.S Department of State
International Meal Allowance  U.S Department of State
Personal Vehicle Mileage Limit (as of 1/1/16) $0.545/mile  Submit a destination map showing To/From mileage (ex: google map)
Gifts/Decorations $100/person Including flowers,
Dean’s Approval needed if exceeds limit

To apply for a P-Card or/and Travel Card, please follow instructions on the USC Business Services Website


P-Card purchases vs. Travel Card purchases


Transaction P-Card Travel
Airlines X Economy Class (Coach) Only. First/Business Class requires prior written approval from Provost Office, and documented medical reason. Not allowed on a Sponsored Project account.
Catering (on-campus) X X
Catering (off-campus) X
Conference registration and membership fees X X Membership fees not allowed on a Sponsored Project
account unless prior written sponsor approval has been received.
Contract travel agencies X STA Travel, Carlson Wagonlit
Event venues X University Travel Management signature required on event agreements
Gasoline (University vehicles/rental cars) X For rental cars only. Proof of car rental required.
Hotel accommodations X University Travel Management signature required on
group hotel agreements
Meals (travel-related, Business meetings) X
Online travel websites (e.g., Orbitz) X
Rental cars and parking X
Retail purchases (not travel- or event-related) X
Retail purchases (travel- or event-related) X
Transportation (air, rail and ground) X



All user access trainings are found on the USC Trojan Lean website. For access:

Go to the USC Employee Gateway site . Under the Popular Links bar, click on Trojan Learn (the owl icon).  You will be directed to the login page. Sign in with your USC Net ID and Password.  On the search bar at the top right corner of the main page, search for your specific training.  Launch one training at a time.


Kuali Financial System Trainings (KFS)

Disbursement Voucher Quick Expense (DVQE) Training

  • Access is automatic for all employees to initiate payments for reimbursements only

Please see instructions on the USC Business Services website

Trojan Learn Training:

‘Kuali: DVQE Initiators’ – Optional training to learn how to initiate and submit reimbursements


 Disbursement Voucher (DV) Training

  • Access requested from Maricela Rodriguez to initiate payments

Please see instructions on the USC Business Services website


Trojan Learn Training:

‘Kuali: Disbursement Voucher Initiators’ – Mandatory training to initiate payments


USC eMarket Trainings –

  • Access requested from Maricela Rodriguez to shop for and request items for purchase.

Please see instructions on the USC Business Services website.  Note that there are different Roles depending on your need.


Trojan Learn Training:

USC eMarket: Shopping and Requisitions’ – Mandatory training to request the purchase of goods and services


Grants Management Training – Required for Staff/Faculty working with research grants

 For Faculty – eight small online course modules that are broken down into two major sections

that are mandatory for all faculty prior to the award of their first sponsored research project as well as non-faculty designated as a named Principal Investigator/Program Director (PI/PD), Co-PI, or a Multi-PI, prior to the award of their first sponsored research project.

  • Submit your Certificate of Completion to Regina Gongoll

Please see instructions on the USC Research website


Trojan Learn Training:

Grants Management Training for Faculty Program’ – Mandatory training


 For Staff –  two-course, online training modules that are mandatory for all research administrators and other support staff who are seeking expenditure authority on sponsored projects accounts

  • Submit your Certificate of Completion to Maricela Rodriguez

Please see instructions on the USC Research website


Trojan Learn Training:

Grants Management Training for Staff’ – Mandatory training


 Applying for a Procurement Card (Pcard) and/or Travel card:

Please see instructions on the USC Business Services website.  Trainings will need to be completed before applying.

Information you will need:

–          your 10-digit USC identification number

–          your senior business officer’s name and email address: Dominic Alpuche,

–          the USC account number and object code (available from your senior business officer) from which your P-Card purchases will be paid: Acct-XX-XXXX-XXXX, Object Code-15100 (applies to Pcard Only)

–          a nine-digit access code: 11111 plus the last four digits of your 10-digit USC identification number

–          your full business street address (not your university building code or your home address): 3715 McClintock Ave., Suite #, Los Angeles, CA 90089


Trojan Learn Trainings:

‘Corporate Cards: Travel Cardholders’ – for the travel card training

‘Corporate Cards: Procurement Cardholders’ – for the Pcard tra