The USC Davis School

Founded in 1975, the USC Davis School of Gerontology is the oldest and largest school of its type in the world. We offer the most comprehensive selection of gerontology degree programs found anywhere, a variety of outstanding research opportunities and a challenging yet supportive academic environment.

As a small school rooted in a world-class research university located in the heart of one of the most important cities on earth, the USC Davis School of Gerontology—and its research and services arm, the Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center—are home to today’s leaders in the field, as well as to tomorrow’s.
Our program studies the human lifespan by exploring the biological, psychological, sociological, political, medical and business dimensions of adult life. The curriculum is aimed at equipping future professionals in the field of aging with the specific skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively to the needs of an aging population.

With a distinguished faculty representing various disciplines, the School is able to offer students a wide range of scientific and professional gerontology courses.

We offer:

A pioneer in distance learning education, all of the USC Davis School of Gerontology master’s programs and graduate certificate program are available in their entirety online.

We are also proud to have created, grown and housed many vibrant, influential institutes and centers that carry out the mission of our school: to increase the quality of life for all older adults via research, service and education.

It is our firm belief that knowledge and community are cornerstones of longevity. Through our various social media platforms we hope to provide our students, faculty, alumni and friends with greater access to major research breakthroughs and emerging trends in creativity and technology while building a thriving, global gerontology community.

Our students are exceptional women and men of all ages, backgrounds and interests. What they share is a deep compassion, an inspiring enthusiasm and a vision of a better future for all of the world’s aging population. Our students have different goals, strengths and perspectives, but this diversity only serves to keep us on the cutting edge of the field.

Community engagement and interaction are crucially important to the USC Davis School’s mission, and we pride ourselves on making connections—and a difference—in the “real world” as well as in the classroom. We host a number of exciting programs, activities and opportunities to share our work with the community and to learn from them as well.

It is only through recognizing that the aging process unites us all that we can make better sense of the marvelous and sometimes mysterious gift of our shared humanity.