Faculty Profile

Kathleen Wilber, Ph.D.

Mary Pickford Foundation Professor of Gerontology; Professor of Health Services Administration



  1. Health Services Administration
  2. Elder abuse
  3. Conservatorship/guardianship


Dr. Wilber’s research has focused on improving the quality of life of people with chronic physical and mental health conditions, by improving the formal health and long term care delivery system. Her work on collaborative relationships among providers has examined cost effectiveness and health outcomes of different service delivery structures. This research includes outcomes research for older adults in managed care, the development and evaluation of chronic care models that link acute and long-term care, and the testing and translation of evidence-based long-term care interventions into practice settings.

In addition to health care, Dr. Wilber’s research has focused on protective services including the identification and treatment of elder abuse, adult protective services, guardianship and conservatorship, and alternative supportive and surrogate decision-making approaches. She has authored over 100 articles, books, and book chapters. Dr. Wilber regularly teaches courses in public policy, administration, systems management, and long-term care.

Courses Taught

Gero 421 Managed Care for an Aging Society (4, FaSp) Examines key legislation, policies, practice, and outcomes of managed care and how population aging affects health care delivery.

Gero 645 Politics and Policy Processes in an Aging Society (4, Fa) Dynamics of the policy-making process in the context of aging policy in the United States; focus on the political system and its social dynamics.

PPD 601 Management of Long-Term Care Organizations (4, Fa) History, development, trends; major policy issues; organization of systems; principles and techniques of administration; management of institutional and community based programs. The purpose of this course is to acquaint students pursuing a career in health care management with the dynamic and increasingly important field of long term care. The course provides a comprehensive overview of programs, policies, and services and examines the issues, challenges and dilemmas confronting long term care management and others in the field of health services. (Duplicates credit in former PUAD 509.) Prerequisite: PPD 516x, PPD 545 or corequisite: ACCT 509, PPD 649, IOM 585.

Contact Info

E-mail: wilber@usc.edu

Mailing Address:

University of Southern California
Davis School of Gerontology
3715 McClintock Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0191

Office Location: GER 226

Office Phone: (213) 740-1736

Fax: (213) 740-0792


  • BA, Manhattanville College, 1970
  • MSW, USC, 1975
  • MPA, USC, 1975
  • Ph.D., USC, 1983


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