Melanie Gironda, Ph.D., MSW

Research Associate Professor of Gerontology

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Melanie Gironda is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine at the USC Keck School of Medicine and has a joint appointment as a Clinical Associate Professor at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. She received a BA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and both an MSW and PhD from UCLA. Dr. Gironda’s research examines the influence of social support networks on health outcomes among vulnerable and socio-demographically disadvantaged older adults. She has co-authored a number of manuscripts and book chapters on the centrality of social networks to the health and wellbeing of adults. She was the principal investigator on a grant to increase dental health professionals’ awareness of elder abuse and neglect funded by the Archstone Foundation. She was also a co-investigator on several NIH funded studies; examining patient preferences for treatment of mandibular fractures, health beliefs and self-care, and culture and health literacy. Dr. Gironda is currently a co-investigator on an ACL-funded study to pilot an elder abuse prevention intervention program for persons with dementia.

Mailing Address: 3715 McClintock Avenue
GER 233
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0191