Dr Michelle Harvie is a research dietitian from the Prevent Breast Cancer Research Unit, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. She qualified as a dietitian in 1991. Her research covers optimum diet and exercise strategies to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence. She has over 40 peer reviewed publications. She received the Association Study Obesity National Best practice award 2011 for her innovative work on intermittent diets. She is principal investigator for trials testing intermittent diets amongst cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, and women at increased risk of breast cancer.

Dr Harvie has published 3 self-help guides for the public to follow intermittent diets; The 2 day diet (Ebury, Feb 2013); The 2 day diet cook book (Ebury April 2013) and the quick and easy edition (Ebury, Feb 2014). All author proceeds go to the Prevent Breast Cancer