Master of Aging Services Management

The Master of Aging Services Management (MASM) provides the opportunity for current and future aging services managers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to respond to a rapidly growing population of older people. The program prepares a knowledgeable and skilled workforce to successfully offer products, services and programs to older persons.

The aging services industries include residential care facilities, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, hospice care, home care and other home delivered services, as well as emerging services such as lifelong creative therapy programs and home modification programs. Students will be prepared to utilize their skills and respond effectively to changes in the economic, legal and regulatory environments in which they are employed.

“Thank you for all your guidance. After your advice and much contemplation, I decided to direct my business towards post rehab fitness and collaborate with a local marketing business to utilize their connections and talents. In a few weeks, my website will be active and I will begin to network and develop other collaborations in the community.” -Donna Anderson, MASM Program

Opportunities in the booming aging services world are limitless, and with their impeccable training and business acumen, MASM graduates make all the professional difference.

The 77 million Americans born between the years of 1946 through 1964 are healthier and better educated than any previous generation at their age, with an estimated spending power of more than one trillion dollars.

This phenomenon requires a new kind of entrepreneur, one with the foresight and knowledge to meet the growing needs of this population in every field, including business, social services, medicine, communications and government.

The MASM degree sets graduates apart by giving them the tools and training crucial to become the world-changing leaders of aging services businesses and initiatives. With an in-depth knowledge of healthcare options, government regulations and cutting-edge trends, MASM graduates are uniquely positioned to help any entity, from corporations to care facilities to communities, reach the next professional level.As with all of our master’s and certificate programs, this curriculum is available to onsite as well as online students and allows the most flexibility of all our degrees in terms of choosing courses to tailor the degree to their specific academic and professional goals.

This 32-unit master’s program is typically completed in two years when students take 8 units per semester.

As with all of our master’s and certificate programs, this curriculum is available to onsite as well as online students.

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