Dor Vador: Sharing the Wisdom of Elders

Supported by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, Zekenim: Sharing the Wisdom of Elders aims to discover, illuminate and honor the hidden life stories and wisdom of older Jewish Angelenos. Elders’ life stories are translated into visual art form by young artists and shared with the community through exhibits and urban actions.

Cultural Legacies Across Generations

The Cultural Legacies Across Generations Program is designed to uncover the residual core values of older adults from diverse cultures and affirm these values for both older adults and younger generations.

Art Through the Ages

Supported by the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Art Through the Ages (ATTA) Research Study is designed to investigate the feasibility of implementation of the ATTA program in L.A. area schools and youth organizations and the benefits of participation for older adult volunteers. ATTA is an intergenerational art education program that aims to harness the time, wisdom and energy of elders to deliver high-quality, standards-based arts education to elementary school children.

Living Canvases

Living Canvases is an intergenerational life review and art-making program designed to bring together younger and older individuals and the community as a whole. Elder participants chart their life story and identify a key turning point from their life during three Living Canvases workshops. Participants’ life stories are then translated into visual art form by young artists who receive the wisdom of elders’ life experiences through art creation. Life stories and the art the stories inspire are then shared with the larger community through a recognition reception, as well as other exhibits, print, and online media.