Morgan Levine

Morgan Levine is a NIA Predoctoral Fellow working under Dr. Eileen Crimmins in the Center on Biodemography and population health, where she conducts research in molecular and genetic epidemiology of complex traits. Her work relies on a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating theories and methods from statistical genetics, bioinformatics, demography, and social epidemiology, to examine how our genes and environment interact to affect our personal aging process. She is currently working on a number of projects including: 1) developing and validating an algorithm that measures the rate of aging and predicts life expectancy, 2) examining the genetics of healthspan using GWAS, and pathway analysis, and 3) analyzing gene-by-environment interactions to determine whether various genes protect individuals from hazardous environments, like smoking. In addition, she has been a part of projects which look at the association between nutrition and longevity; conserved molecular pathways among mice, rats, and humans exposed to particulate pollutants or LPS; and the connection between inflammation, insulin resistance, and sarcopenic obesity.

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