Undergraduate Programs


At the USC Leonard Davis School, you can earn an undergraduate gerontology degree, opt for our accelerated five-year undergraduate/graduate degree program, or minor in aging. There are lots of choices!

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Aging

Our interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on biological and social development across the lifespan. Students have two options: the Social Science track or the Health Science track.

Program Learning Objectives

Social Science Track
The Social Science track is for students who want to pursue a graduate degree and/or a career in law, policy, psychology, sociology, or health administration. The core curriculum offers a broad view of human development in the behavioral sciences.

Health Science Track
The Health Science track is designed for students who want to continue on for a graduate degree and/or have a career in medicine or other health-related fields. The core curriculum meets general education and medical school entrance requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Lifespan Health

This degree is for students who plan to get a graduate degree and/or career in medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, or related fields. The curriculum covers the biological and medical aspects of health, including disease prevention, detection, and treatment.

Program Learning Objectives

Minor In Gerontology

Some undergraduate students prefer to focus on another field or subject area and minor in gerontology. They have two options: our Individuals, Societies, and Aging minor or the eScience, Health, and Aging minor.

Program Learning Objectives

Individuals, Societies, and Aging
Rooted largely in behavioral and social science, Individuals, Societies, and Aging is geared to students working toward careers in business, engineering, communication, arts and sciences, or cinema/television.

Science, Health, and Aging
Science, Health, and Aging is designed for students who want careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biological sciences, public health, or other health-related fields. This program focuses on the neurology, physiology, and health issues of aging.

The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology welcomes transfer students!

Whether you just decided to become a gerontology major or you just decided to become a Trojan, we want to hear from you! Gerontology is a vibrant, interdisciplinary field, and we take pride in finding ways for our students to make the most of their unique experiences and backgrounds. Transferring to USC or to gerontology from another school or major is an exciting opportunity that will allow you to come to one of the most flexible disciplines with a fresh perspective. If you’re dreaming of making the world a better place for the older adults of today as well as of tomorrow, there’s no better time than now and there’s no better place than the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

Program Learning Objectives