How to Apply for a Postdoctoral Research Traineeship

We would welcome your application to the postdoctoral program.

Before preparing an application, it might help to contact us and discuss your plans with us.

First, you should write a statement of application, indicating your interest and specifying one or two topics that you might be interested in pursuing as research topics. State how you might spend a two or three-year appointment.

Second, send a copy of your curriculum vita and a copy of your official transcript and your GRE scores.

Third, you should write to one of the USC faculty in your area (the person whose research is closest to yours), asking if s/he will nominate you and be willing to serve as your preceptor. Enclose your statement of application and send a copy of your letter to Dr. Eileen Crimmins.

Committee of Preceptors

Fourth, request that three letters of recommendation be sent to the preceptor.

The final step is for the preceptor to formally nominate you to the Committee of Preceptors.

You may have some additional questions that might help you in writing the formal letter of application to our training program. If so, you might call Linda Hall (213-740-8242 or email:, the project manager of our program, or call the preceptor with whom you would like to work.


Predoctoral research traineeships are first contingent on your acceptance for admission by the Graduate School at USC. See the USC website for instructions on how to apply.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact one of the faculty preceptors in your area and discuss with them the possibility of being a predoctoral trainee on the Multidisciplinary Research Training Grant.

Committee of Preceptors