Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduates at the USC Davis School have the unique opportunity to study at the oldest and largest school of gerontology in the world. For the past 30 years we have been preparing young men and women for jobs in medicine, business, politics, education and research.

If you want to enjoy a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of how your chosen profession intertwines with the human condition across the spectrum of age study gerontology at USC.


Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Aging

The interdisciplinary curriculum of this degree focuses on biological and social development across the human lifespan. Students have the option of pursuing tracks in either health or social science.

Bachelor of Science in Lifespan Health

The curriculum of this degree emphasizes the biological and medical aspects of health, which include disease prevention, detection and treatment. This program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate degrees and/or careers in medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology and related fields.


All Lifespan Health as well as Human Development and Aging majors must participate in a supervised internship in which they will gain practical experience in a variety of professional settings. We encourage all of our undergraduates to pursue the many research opportunities available through the USC Davis School’s many labs and centers.


Two tracks are available for students who wish to obtain an undergraduate minor in aging while focusing on another primary discipline. Like the Human Development & Aging major students can choose to pursue a biology based minor or a socially geared minor.

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