Gerontology Majors

More vital with every passing year, a major in gerontology opens up a world of academic, professional and personal opportunities to students. In many ways, gerontology is the most flexible of undergraduate degrees, and we have seen our graduates land fascinating jobs in a variety of fields: everything from researchers and doctors to entertainment executives and entrepreneurs to legal experts and policy crusaders.

Whatever your desired career may be, gerontology offers a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your competition. After all, the skyrocketing number of older adults every year in the US and around the world means that there will be an ever-growing demand for services, goods and innovations aimed at this population.

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Aging

This degree prepares students for admission to a graduate or professional school with an emphasis on adult development and aging, such as medicine, law, dentistry, social work, occupational/physical therapy, public administration, urban planning, business or social gerontology. It also prepares students for jobs in services for the aging in senior centers, corporations, nursing homes, nutrition programs, volunteer programs, area agencies on aging or other human services organizations.

We offer two tracks:

Social Science

Students who pursue this track discover a deeper understanding of how their chosen profession, whatever it may be, intertwines with the human condition across the spectrum of age. Our graduates via this route have gone on to champion the rights, quality of life and dignity of older adults on the local, national and international levels. They have found jobs in a variety of professions, including lawyers, nonprofit workers, executives and psychologists.Designed for students who wish to pursue graduate degrees and/or careers in law, policy, psychology, sociology and health administration, the core curriculum of this track provides a broad view of human development in the behavioral sciences.

Health Science

Designed for students who wish to pursue graduate degrees and/or careers in medicine, the core curriculum of this track is rigorous enough to allow students to meet general education and medical school entrance requirements.

Students who pursue this track learn how to study, manage and heal the body across the lifespan, and frequently turn their scientific expertise into real-world breakthroughs, advocacy work and providing top-notch medical care. We offer a truly interdisciplinary curriculum that spans an impressive variety of fields, giving students a well rounded education that helps them reach their next level, whatever they may choose. Many of our graduates in this track go on to medical school or to follow the Ph.D. route themselves as top-level researchers.

The power of our focus on practicum and research elements helps harness our students’ potential by giving them a head start on real-world experience, whether that’s in the lab or in a professional setting. Our students are teamed with medical doctors and are taught by an MD, pairing the intellectual rigor of that route with the flexible, far-ranging study of gerontology, offering students an amazing launching pad and scope for their futures.

The School also offers an accelerated master’s degree for human development and aging majors, which allows undergraduate GERO majors to waive several courses in order to complete the master’s degree in one year.

Bachelor of Science in Lifespan Health

The curriculum of this degree emphasizes the biological and medical aspects of health, including disease prevention, detection and treatment. This program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate degrees and/or careers in pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology and related fields.

Perhaps more so than our other degrees, our Lifespan Health degree focuses on an international scale, taking valuable gerontological data gleaned in the US and applying it around the world. Our class Global Health in Aging was created to be paired with this degree, and the successful completion of this bachelor degree positions students to play into the global awareness and professional competitiveness on which USC prides itself.

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