Archive: September 2012

Standing Together to Prevent Falls

“United we stand, divided we fall” isn’t just a patriotic slogan – it’s also the rallying cry of Californians who joined forces with USC’s Fall Prevention Center of Excellence to celebrate the fifth annual Fall Prevention Awareness Week. Standing united the first week of autumn

An Award-Winning Advocate and Ally

Helping older adults has been USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology graduate student Brenda M. Vázquez’s day job for almost a decade, but she prides herself on continuing to search for new avenues and opportunities to serve. In the past two years alone, she co-produced

Chinese Connection

A longtime academic and professional partner to many experts, students and employers in China, the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology made the influential newspaper Ta Kung Pao, the oldest active Chinese-language newspaper in China. Covering high-profile visits by the USC Leonard Davis School’s Dean