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Congratulations, Class of 2013!

Once again, the USC Leonard Davis School graduated its largest class. This year’s graduates shared a special honor: earning a heartfelt send-off from Pinchas Cohen in his first commencement as dean. “As you well know, the USC Leonard Davis School is continuing to innovate and

One Step Closer to the Alzheimer’s Magic Bullet…Maybe

Imagine: a pharmaceutical prevention, treatment or even cure for Alzheimer’s. It is almost impossible to overstate how monumental a development that would be, and how it would answer the prayers of millions. Although science isn’t there—yet—a new study published in The Journal of Neuroscience spearheaded

Mice, Men, and Fate

Almost fifteen years ago, in a book called “Chance, Development, and Aging,” the gerontologists Caleb Finch and Thomas Kirkwood described a truly elegant study of biology: a batch of roundworms, all genetically identical, raised on identical diets of agar. [Continue Reading...]

The Fight to End Elder Abuse

USC Leonard Davis School doctoral student Marguerite DeLiema served as the keynote speaker for Fresno’s “Elder Abuse Prevention Conference 2013: Protecting an Aging Population,” held on May 8. “I was very pleased to present on our 2012 study on the prevalence and risk factors of

A Graduate’s Gratitude

I’m graduating this year with a master of science degree in gerontology from the USC Leonard Davis School. As I reflect on my time in the department, I am filled with gratitude for the professors who positively influenced my collegiate experience and extended their support

The Psychology of Aging

On a magnitude unthinkable to most Americans, China is rapidly undergoing a total transformation due to its population’s aging. The rest of the world looks to the east as these aging-related challenges and opportunities become reality in Asia. Accordingly, as part of the Gerontological Society

Two Top-Tier Scientists

In honor of their outstanding accomplishments and limitless potential, two USC Leonard Davis School doctoral students ended the school year with a major reason to celebrate. Krista Garcia was one of only two social scientists in the last seven years to win the R36 National