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Dear Friends & Supporters of the USC Family Caregiver Support Center/LACRC,

Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revision has been released, and statewide caregiver services are in jeopardy of being cut.

There will be a hearing this Tuesday, May 19th to discuss impending budget cuts, including reversal of the augmentation the statewide CRC system received in the 2019 budget. We need our community to support and advocate for the importance of continuing services for our most vulnerable caregivers. Please help us by calling our local legislators to let them know how crucial it is for family caregiver services to continue being funded. We all know how challenging it is to be a family caregiver; now more than ever, we need to have services like ours to assist family caregivers during these stressful times.

Every call and message that you leave with each of the legislators below will be crucial to letting them know how much our families depend on the no-cost services provided to family caregivers throughout the state.

Thank you on behalf of all our family caregivers! #CaregiversFightOn #USCFCSC #LACRC

Dr. Donna Benton

State Assembly Members:
Blanca Rubio, 916-319-2048
Adrin Nazarian, 916-319-2046
Laura Friedman, 916-319-2043

State Senate Members:
Holly Mitchell, 916-651-4030
Susan Rubio, 916-651-4022
Lena Gonzalez, 916-651-4033

Talking points for calls:

  1. Stop the Governor’s budget proposal to reverse the CRC Augmentation.
  2. NOW is the worst time to cut services to family caregivers who are more burdened and isolated than ever trying to keep family members with cognitive impairments and other physical and mental disabilities safe at home, out of hospitals and nursing homes.
  3. Seniors and other adults with disabilities are those hardest hit by COVID-19.  We should be strengthening systems to support family members during this crisis, not cutting services.
  4. Family caregivers need additional respite to help replace care provided by community programs that have been shuttered by COVID-19.
  5. The Caregiver Resource Centers were able to immediately shift from in-person to remote service delivery at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis because of the 2019 augmentation.  It is crucial that the CRCs continue to provide COVID-19 responsive essential services.

If you have not made calls like this before, please know it is an easy process. You’ll need to:
· State your name and chosen talking points, even if you end up in voicemail.
· Each call is logged based on topic and reported to your representative.

The public may also submit written testimony to

The Budget Assembly Agenda

Tuesday, May 19th Hearing on Governor’s May Revision for Health

Click Here for the Agenda

Public Participation Line: 1-877-692-8957
Access Code: 283 438

View the Hearing (Tuesday, May 19th 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM):

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