Jessica Ho, PhD

Assistant Professor of Gerontology


  • PhD, Demography and Sociology, with distinction, University of Pennsylvania, 2013
  • AM, Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 2010
  • BA, Economics and Health and Societies with distinction, minor in English, summa cum laude, University of Pennsylvania, 2009


  • Social determinants of health and mortality
  • Life expectancy
  • Socioeconomic differences in health
  • Ethnic/racial health inequalities


Jessica Ho is a demographer and sociologist who studies the social determinants of health and mortality. Her research seeks to explain differences in life expectancy and health over the life course across populations. Her three major areas of research examine why American life expectancy lags behind other high-income countries, socioeconomic and racial/ethnic health inequalities, and health and aging in developing countries.

Email: jessica.y.ho@usc.edu

Office Location: GER 217a

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