Financial Hardship and Inflammation

Public health and gerontology researchers have explored how adverse socioeconomic circumstances (e.g. low income; low educational attainment) affect health and well-being.  One line of research explores how these adverse social circumstances “get under the skin” using measures such as allostatic load, telomere length, and inflammation. Yet, we know very little about the influence of socioeconomic circumstances on health not captured by traditional measures of individual SES (e.g. income, education, occupation).

Dr. Tucker-Seeley received the 2019 Hanson-Thorell Family Research Scholarship to explore the association between the material, psychosocial, and behavioral aspects of financial hardship and physiologic responses (e.g. markers of inflammation).  The Hanson Thorell Family Research Scholarships are awarded each year at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology to support two junior faculty members as they explore new avenues of research.