Material Disadvantage / Deprivation

Measures of disadvantage/deprivation capture whether one has sufficient financial resources to obtain basic needs (e.g., food, housing, medical care).


Source: Patterson GR, Forgatch MS, DeGarmo DS. Cascading effects following intervention. Development and Psychopathology. 2010;22(4):949-970.

Psychometric properties: Cronbach’s alpha range = 0.81 – 0.89

Are you able to afford:

Yes No
A large enough house
Furniture or household equipment that needs replacement
The kind of car you need
Car repairs, fuel, insurance

How often does it happen that you do not have enough money to afford:

Never Sometimes Most times Every month
The kind of food your family should have
The kind of medical care your family should have
The kind of clothing your family should have
The leisure activities that your family wants


Source: Tolman RM, Rosen D. Domestic violence in the lives of women receiving welfare: mental health, substance dependence, and economic well-being. Violence Against Women. 2001;7(2):141-158.

Psychometric properties: Not reported.

Have any of the following occurred within the past 12 months?

Yes No
Experienced homelessness
Had gas or electricity shut off
Faced eviction