Required Materials

Whatman 903 Protein Saver cards
There are 2 versions:  one with 5 circles and one with 4 circles (the pull-apart card).  Either can be used for research purposes.

Dessicant packs
Typically, one dessicant pack is placed in with one DBS card in an envelope for storage.
Whatman dessicants: Item #10548234

We recommend using a lancet with a blade, rather than a needle, and maximum depth in order to provide maximum flow for DBS collection.
BD Microtainer Contact-Activated Lancets (Blue); Item # 366594

These lancets are available from multiple vendors.

Additional supplies with no specified manufacturer or vendor:

  • Small plastic bags that seal tightly to hold individual DBS cards (typically “sandwich” size)
  • Large plastic bags to hold sets of individually packaged DBS cards (typically “gallon” size)
  • Gauze squares (typically 2 x 2 inches)
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Bandages
  • Sterile drapes (typically 18 x 26 inches)
  • Gloves (to protect data collector)