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Is there a recipe for successful aging or becoming a SuperAger? We share stories from SuperAgers who provide their own unique perspective on what led to their long lives.

The World's Longest Lived

Learn more about the World’s Longest Lived.

Quiet Heroes ~ Over Eighty

In 2006 photographer, Los Angeles native, and USC alumnus Barry Shaffer and his wife Barbara set out to meet and document the lives of these oldest residents, weaving together the stories and hard-won wisdom of 70 remarkable older individuals all over eighty years of age, each representing their unique country and/or culture. View the series below.


Explore our collection of news articles highlighting SuperAgers around the world.

A filmmaker imagines a Japan where the elderly volunteer to die

The premise for Chie Hayakawa’s film, “Plan 75,” is shocking: a government push to euthanize the elderly. In a rapidly aging society, some also wonder: Is the movie prescient?

Japan now has more than 86,000 centenarians; 88% of them are women

The number of centenarians in Japan has reached a record high of over 86,000, according to the country’s health and welfare Ministry.

These 90-plus-year-old women reveal the secret to living a long, happy life

Her tips for living a good, long life? “Live moderately and try your hardest to do your best.”

The oldest person in the US, Bessie Hendricks, dies at 115

The secret to her longevity: Work hard, stay away from doctors, and make sure to enjoy sweets, like a piece of pie or slice of birthday cake.

Virginia McLaurin, centenarian who danced with the Obamas, dies at 113

Although she was best known for her White House visit, her loved ones said McLaurin lived a life of service, even as she grew older.

The world's oldest person, Sister André of France, dies at age 118

Sister André also holds the record for oldest COVID-19 survivor, which she tested positive for a few weeks before her 117th birthday in 2021. She recovered from the virus in about three weeks.

Oldest living Holocaust survivor siblings tell their story

They grew up in Sanok, in southeastern Poland, before the Second World War forever changed their family.

SuperAgers Stories

Thad Mosley 5:33

At 96 years old, sculptor Thaddeus Mosley has never been more in demand. The Baltimore Museum of Art showcased five of his recent works as part of a traveling tour that also includes a stop in Los Angeles.

Interview Date: August 2022

Florence Brownfield 5:35

Meet Florence Brownfield. She says the key to a long, healthy life is simple – get your steps in, and make new friends!

Interview Date: July 2022

Frances Ito 6:35

Meet 90-year-old SuperAger Frances Ito. From maintaining a balanced diet to staying active with the help of good friends, pursuing hobbies, and traveling, she proves that age is just a number.

Interview Date: August 2022