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Our long-term goal is to generate blueprints that allow an individual to maximize health over the course of their lifespan. Informed by genetics, we develop the capacity to predict which diets are ideal for a healthy life and which should be avoided. Moreover, we investigate the mechanistic basis of the molecules, genes, and pathways we have discovered can influence healthspan. The product of this investment is the ability to use diet as a means to circumvent genetic predisposition and prevent or reduce the severity of age-related disease. Our research has benefited from the ability to quickly test several diet-gene pairs in C. elegans, which has allowed us to transition to directed studies in murine models. Although we will continue to exploit the utility of genetics and biochemistry of the worm, we expect that our mouse and cultured human cell approaches will synergize and provide relevant information for human aging.

Recent Discoveries


WDR23 mediates NRF2 proteostasis and cytoprotective capacity in the hippocampus

Jiahui Liu, Chatrawee Duangjan, Ronald W. Irwin, Sean P. Curran


A dicer-related helicase opposes the age-related pathology from SKN-1 activation in ASI neurons

Chris D TurnerNicole L StuhrCarmen M RamosBennett T Van CampSean P Curran


Genetic variation in ALDH4A1 is associated with muscle health over the lifespan and across species

Osvaldo Villa*, Nicole L Stuhr*, Chia-an Yen*, Eileen M Crimmins, Thalida Em Arpawong, Sean P Curran


Loss of WDR23 proteostasis impacts mitochondrial homeostasis in the mouse brain

Chatrawee Duangjan, Ronald W. Irwin, Sean P. Curran

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Congratulation Chris Turner and Carmen Ramos for their SKN-1 review article being accepted at Frontiers in Genetics (link coming soon)

Congratulations Dr. Chatrawee Duangjan for her manuscript in Cell Signalling!

Congratulations Dr. Chris Turner for their manuscript in PNAS!

Congratulations Brandy Weathers for appointment to the Multidisciplinary T32!

Congratulations Dr. Jiahui Liu for her manuscript in Mechanisms of Ageing and Development!