The Lifespan Cognition Lab explores age-related changes to executive function. It is particularly interested in the neural mechanisms supporting cognitive inhibition, and understanding how morphological changes to neuroanatomy affect the ability to successfully inhibit information across different levels (during response, when selectively attending to stimuli, and in memory). The lab uses behavioral and neuroimaging (structural- and functional-MRI) methods to probe these interactions in healthy younger and older adults, and in individuals at risk for developing neurologic disorders including Alzheimer’s Disease based on biologic and genetic risk factors.

Portrait of Teal Eich, PhD

Teal Eich, PhD

Assistant Professor of Gerontology and Psychology
Lab Email:
Office Location: GER 227

Research Interests

  • memory and aging
  • cognitive neuroscience and psychology
  • functional neuroimaging
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Focus Areas