Research focusing on socioeconomic disparities in health and health behavior

Dr. Tucker-Seeley’s substantive research interests are in three areas. First, he is interested in financial well-being across the chronic disease continuum from prevention to end-of-life care. His work focuses on the measurement of financial well-being (e.g. financial hardship and financial distress) as well as investigating the potentially bidirectional relationship between financial well-being concepts and health outcomes across the chronic disease continuum. Second, Dr. Tucker-Seeley is interested in the measurement of the neighborhood environment in population health research. More specifically, his work in this area focuses on the measurement of neighborhood services and the impact of the neighborhood service/retail environment on health and health behavior. Third, Dr. Tucker-Seeley is interested in measuring and reporting health disparities, as well as efforts to reduce health disparities and create health equity across levels of government (local, state, federal).

Reginald Tucker-Seeley, ScD

Edward L. Schneider Assistant Professor of Gerontology

Office Location: GER 228E

” The association between self-rated health and socioeconomic circumstances extends beyond the traditional measures of income, education, and occupation.