Seahorse Core Facility Gerontology (XF96-Analyzer)

The Seahorse XF96 is a unique instrument that measure extracellular O2, pH, glucose and lactate fluxes to provide estimates of glucose utilization in cultured cells. The XF96 instrument provides a significant advance over existing methodologies to quantitate cellular metabolic pathways. Unlike radiometric assays, the XF96 does not require radio-labeled substrates, and unlike measurements of cellular oxygen consumption using the classic Clark electrode, it is possible to make high throughput measurements on 96 samples simultaneously in a microplate format.

The XF Technology:

  • Measures oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) .
  • Completely non-invasive measurement requires no addition of dyes, labels or reporters.
  • Cell types assayed on the XF analyzer: Cell lines, primary cells, isolated mitochondria, worms (C. elegans)
  • Measurements may be repeated multiple times to measure kinetic responses.
  • No cleaning required. All parts that contact cells, media or drugs are disposable.
  • Up to four test compounds (drugs or substrates) may be added automatically to each well. Measurements are performed before and after each compound are added.

Contact Information

Director: Hemal H. Mehta
Location: USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, 3715 McClintock Ave, B1A, LA, CA 90089
Phone Number: 213-821-6073

Pricing and Reservations:
Please contact Hemal Mehta by email at

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