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Dave Clewett to join UCLA as Assistant Professor of Psychology

Congratulations to Dave Clewett, who has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles!  He will join the department in July 2020. Dave received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California in 2016, where he

Sara Gallant presents poster at Psychonomics 2019

Last month, Sara Gallant presented her poster “Retroactive Selective Memory Enhancement via Emotional Arousal” at Psychonomics 2019.  This study examined how selective memory for neutral information would be influenced by increases in emotional arousal occurring before or after learning. When participants viewed emotionally arousing faces

Shai Porat wins award for exceptional presentation

Congrats to Shai Porat for winning an award for his exceptional presentation at the annual Finch Alzheimer’s Disease Symposium!  The Finch Alzheimer’s Disease Symposium features presentations on basic and clinical science related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Podcast episode with Mara Mather

In this episode of “Lessons in Lifespan Health,” Mara Mather discusses her work in examining how emotion impacts our attention and memory, and how studying a small brain region called the locus coeruleus can shed light on how our brains change as we age.  Her

Kelly Durbin wins APA Dissertation Award

Congratulations to clinical science doctoral student, Kelly Durbin, for winning the 2019 American Psychological Association (APA) Dissertation Research Award!  This award is sponsored by the APA Science Directorate and assists science-oriented doctoral students of psychology with research costs.

Being hungry makes everything seem more emotional

We asked participants to fast before coming in to our lab to complete an experiment in which they viewed pictures of household and food items each paired with a positive, negative or neutral sound. When they arrived to our lab, we randomly assigned half of

Sara Gallant receives travel award to present at Psychonomics

Sara Gallant received ‘The Psychonomic Society and Women in Cognitive Science Travel and Networking Award for Junior Scientists’ to attend Psychonomics and present her poster reporting on the influence of arousal on suppression of distraction in younger and older adults. Older adults were more likely to