Financial Satisfaction

Measures of financial satisfaction capture how satisfied one is with their current financial situation, as well as the financial situation of their household.


Source: Rojas M. X-inefficiency in the use of income to attain economic satisfaction. The Journal of Socio-Economics. 2008;37(6):2278-2290.

Psychometric properties: Not reported.

Some people tend to be very thrifty, saving money whenever they have the chance, while others are very spending-oriented, buying whenever they can and even borrowing to consume more. How would you classify yourself?

  • Very thrifty, saving money whenever I can
  • Somewhat thrifty, often saving money
  • Neither thrifty nor spending oriented
  • Somewhat spending oriented, seldom saving money
  • Very spending oriented, hardly ever saving money


Source: Faber RJ, O’Guinn TC. A clinical screener for compulsive buying. Journal of Consumer Research. 1992;19(3):459-469.

Psychometric properties: Five items from the seven-item Compulsive Buying Scale (Faber and O’Guinn, 1992), with the full scale reporting Cronbach’s alpha = .95

How satisfied are you with:

Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither dissatisfied or satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely satisfied
Your income
What you can purchase
Your housing conditions
Your household’s financial situation


Source: Mugenda OM, Hira TK, Fanslow AM. Assessing the causal relationship among communication, money management practices, satisfaction with financial status, and satisfaction with quality of life. Lifestyles Family and Economic Issues. 1990;11(4):343-360.

Psychometric properties:
Cronbach’s alpha = .81

How satisfied are you with your:

Extremely dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Extremely satisfied
Level of living
Current level of savings
Ability to stay out of debt
Level of assets
Ability to pay back what you owe
Ability to meet large emergency expenses


Source: Hsieh C-M. Correlates of financial satisfaction. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development. 2001;52(2):135-153.

Psychometric properties: Not reported.

As far as you and your family are concerned, would you say that you are:

  • Pretty well satisfied with your present financial situation
  • More or less satisfied
  • Not satisfied at all