Perceived Stability of Resources

Measures of perceived stability of resources capture the perception of one’s current financial situation compared to their financial situation during a previous time period.


Source: Parke RD, Coltrane S, Duffy S, et al. Economic stress, parenting, and child adjustment in Mexican American and European American families. Child Development. 2004;75(6):1632-1656.

Psychometric properties: Mother and father reports were correlated at r=.32 for European American and r=.52 for Mexican American.

How is the family’s current financial situation compared with the situation one year ago?

  • Better off
  • Same
  • Worse off


Source: Cokes C, Kornblum W. Experiences of mental distress by individuals during an economic downturn: The story of an urban city. Western Journal of Black Studies. 2010;31(1):24-35.

Psychometric properties: Cronbach’s alpha = 0.875

Compared to a year ago, would you say it is more difficult for you to:

Strongly agree Agree Somewhat agree Neither agree nor disagree Somewhat disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
Pay rent/mortgage
Pay monthly utilities
Pay credit card bills
Buy groceries
Save money