From 2006-2016, new jobs in services for older persons and those with disabilities are expected to increase by 74%.

The Age of Aging is Finally Here!

With scientific breakthroughs, an unprecedented global demographic shift toward an older population, increasing life expectancy, and a growing awareness of the social, economic, and political challenges of aging, gerontology is now center stage.

Never has the field been more important or thrilling. Never have gerontologists been in more demand or their work more meaningful.

It’s about time! As the first, largest, and most renowned institution on aging in the world, the University of
Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology is the place.pg1_bg

Want to attend a school with a superb reputation around the globe? First-class interdisciplinary studies that
lead to the mastery of three or more areas of expertise? The most diverse and cutting-edge course offerings anywhere? Close working relationships with top professionals, both from our faculty and in the working world? Outstanding internships and career placement? That would be us! Graduate programs offered online and onsite.

The way the world will look tomorrow is being shaped by the gerontologists of today.

At the USC Leonard Davis School, you will make a difference.

“My studies of Chinese, Spanish and Italian are proving to be incredibly beneficial! The USC Leonard Davis School has so many great internship opportunities abroad. My plan is to use my knowledge of languages to study eldercare in other countries.”

Jackie Dion
Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Aging
and Master of Aging Services Management