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Our Experts are Global Leaders in Aging

Gerontology is a multidisciplinary field that impacts every sector and community, and aging-related issues are only getting more relevant and urgent.

USC Leonard Davis faculty offer broad-ranging expertise, making extraordinary contributions to their disciplines and equipping the next generation of gerontology leaders.

Aging-Related Areas We Explore

We approach gerontology through multiple lenses, exploring the biological, psychological, sociological, political, medical and business dimensions of adult life. This interdisciplinary, collaborative approach helps students make critical connections and launch rewarding careers. 

Our expertise spans multiple domains, empowering us to advance areas including:

Gerontology research

We’re driving innovations in genetic research and big data analytics to unlock better treatment and prevention for age-related diseases. Our research teams investigate areas such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other memory issues
  • Bioinformatics, biology, genomics and genetics of aging
  • Demography and sociology of aging, social determinants of health, disparities in minority populations
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Healthy aging, personalized nutrition and nutrigenomics, disease prevention, stress adaptation and resistance
  • Longevity and mechanisms in aging
  • Neuroscience, cognition and brain aging

Applied and translational research on aging

Gerontology’s influence extends far beyond medicine to business, government and many other arenas. For instance, consumer technologies such as self-driving cars and digital apps can support independence, social connection and health for older adults. We’re spearheading initiatives in:

  • Economics of aging, financial security and well-being
  • Fraud and abuse prevention
  • Aging from a global, multicultural perspective
  • The “longevity economy,” or economic activity driven by older adults
  • Technology and product development

Aging policy and aging services

Aging doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and supporting healthy aging requires all of us to get involved. We’re working to integrate aging issues with other, larger sustainability and community initiatives through:

  • Age-friendly communities, personalized aging
  • Caregiving, including nutrition, aging in place and fall prevention
  • End-of-life planning and care, palliative care
  • Long-term care, memory care
  • Safe homes and environments, elder abuse prevention
  • Social security and support

Bringing Our Expertise to Life

At USC Leonard Davis, our programs start by laying a broad theoretical foundation in human lifespan development. Then, we offer many avenues for students to specialize their education and apply what they’re learning. Our faculty and students blend academic inquiry, research, service and advocacy to make an impact in the world.

We believe studying gerontology makes us better citizens and leaders. Our students and alumni carry aging-related insights into all of their personal and professional spheres, from their families to their workplaces and communities.

USC Leonard Davis also shapes the conversation on aging by publishing news and insights and by contributing our expertise to media outlets worldwide.

How Gerontologists Can Make a Difference

The impact and relevance of our field continue to grow as we make progress across multiple spheres. That means a gerontology career will always engage and challenge you — and you can help define the future of the field.

Learn more about what gerontologists do and careers in gerontology.

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