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Innovation for the future

Increased life expectancy has been called one of society’s greatest achievements. Older adults are spurring a reimagining of how later life is lived, from work opportunities, home design and community development to technological innovations, scientific breakthroughs and lifestyle changes. With the USC Leonard Davis School at the center of a collaborative effort, USC is poised to celebrate and continue these successes by advancing individual, community and societal solutions for living longer, healthier and more rewarding lives.

Dean with man looking through a microscope in a lab

Projects and Initiatives

Gerontology and geroscience offer the promise of solutions in the form of uncovering new methods of delaying age-related processes and discovering keys to long and healthy lives. Projects and initiatives in these areas include:

USC Data Science Institute on the Biology of Aging Research (DScIBAR)

USC Data Science Institute on the Biology of Aging Research (DScIBAR), which aims to use data science and AI approaches to understand the complexities of aging by combining geroscience experts of the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology with data science experts of the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI).

The Los Angeles Aging Research Alliance (LAARA)

The Los Angeles Aging Research Alliance promotes age-related advances from USC, UCLA and other area organizations working to improve health and well-being across the lifespan.

USC SuperAgers

The USC SuperAgers project identifies the social, psychological, health factors that characterize SuperAgers in multiple countries. By examining the social, psychological, health characteristics of SuperAgers, the project aims to provide insights into what is successful for individuals and how society should plan for future longevity.

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