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United by a Common Cause

The students of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology are exceptional people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. What they share is deep compassion, inspiring enthusiasm and a vision of improved quality of life for older adults. Whatever your unique dreams, passions and plans are, if you choose to become a USC Leonard Davis School student, you will find yourself poised to make a very real difference for the older adults of today as well as of tomorrow.

Student Activities

Students from USC Glamour Gals smiling and holding peace signs with handmade cards for the holiday season

Student Community Service

Our students share curiosity, enthusiasm and a vision of improving aging across the lifespan. They also share a desire to make an impact through community service and volunteer opportunities.

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Students walking through a field with the one in front holding a sign that says "USC SGA"

Student Organizations

The USC Leonard Davis School offers many ways for students to serve older adults and to make an impact in the USC community and beyond. Our student organizations work together to host various community outreach events throughout the year.

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Students smiling and posing in Italy, with the one in the center showcasing a shirt that says "I Love Roma"

Study Abroad

Every summer, students from the USC Leonard Davis School and across the university travel across the world to explore aging. Course topics range from how nutrition and food culture affect longevity to how death customs and ceremonies vary throughout ancient and modern societies.

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A group of individuals, including a younger person among older adults, sitting around a table, engaged in a game of cards.


As a student, you’ll have opportunities to make a mark from day one. We’ll connect you with organizations to fit your skills, interests and professional goals. You’ll have a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of older adults, whether in direct service roles or working behind the scenes.

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Student Resources

The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology is full of people who share your dream of improving the quality of life for older adults and are here to ensure you achieve it. We are committed to providing resources to help students build a vibrant, supportive academic, personal and professional network.

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Upcoming Events

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