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USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID (Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles Times featured a USC study on the rates and risk factors of long COVID. “These people are not able to do necessarily all the activities they would want […]

Who’ll Get Long COVID? Just a Look at a Patient Gives Clues (NBC Right Now)

NBC Right Now (via HealthDay) featured a study led by Eileen Crimmins on the rates and risk factors of long COVID. “What’s somewhat more interesting are the things that didn’t […]

Advance Directives Associated With Lower Out-Of-Pocket Hospital Costs (India Education Diary)

India Education Diary featured a USC study on how advance directives are associated with lower hospital costs for patients. “The takeaway here is that you should complete an advance directive […]

A longevity diet that hacks cell ageing could add years to your life (New Scientist)

New Scientist featured a study by Valter Longo on the “longevity diet” and how what and when one eats affects longevity.

Social stress prematurely ages your immune system, study finds (CNN)

CNN featured a USC study showing how stress affects aging of the immune system. “People with higher stress scores had older-seeming immune profiles, with lower percentages of fresh disease fighters […]

Centenarian Tortoises May Set the Standard for Anti-Aging (New York Times)

New York Times featured commentary from Caleb Finch on new studies that appear to show extremely slow aging in cold-blooded animals such as tortoises. While the mortality risk in long-living […]

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