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Special diets might boost the power of drugs to vanquish cancers (Science)

Science featured Valter Longo on the benefits of fasting-mimicking diets in the treatment of certain cancers. “There are probably 100 papers on this, almost all positive,” he said.

Shipping containers show promise as affordable senior living solution (McKnight’s Senior Living)

McKnight’s Senior Living featured a discussion on modular senior living and health facilities hosted by the Student Gerontology Association.

A revolutionary ‘gray army’ of older workers is fighting our youth-obsessed culture (MarketWatch)

MarketWatch quoted Distinguished Scholar in Residence Paul Irving in a column on how the war against ageism will create career opportunities and a better work-life balance. “With the changing nature of the economy to a technology economy, so many things are being displaced. The one thing that may be hardest to displace is wisdom.”

Column: Palliative care works, so why is it rarely used? Follow the money

Mireille Jacobson coauthored a column for STAT on why palliative care hasn’t been widely adopted in the U.S. despite its efficacy.

Covid-19 Makes Racial And Class Status Longevity Gaps Worse (Forbes)

Forbes featured research by Theresa Andrasfay of the USC Leonard Davis School on how COVID-19 deaths have shortened life expectancy among Black and Latino populations. “COVID-19 is expected to reverse over 10 years of progress made in closing the Black-white gap in life expectancy,” she wrote.

Here are which states have the longest life expectancies — and which have the shortest (Yahoo)

Yahoo News featured Eileen Crimmins and Jennifer Ailshire of the USC Leonard Davis School on the states with the longest and shortest life expectancies. “States that took Obamacare and took the federal government supplement to insure their uninsured populations, that played a role,” Crimmins said.

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