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USC students struggle to find friends in-person (USC Annenberg Media)

USC Annenberg Media quoted student Kelly Vuong about the difficulties students face making friends on campus during the pandemic. “Some folks are simply just trying to go to school and […]

Life expectancy fell sharply in the U.S. last year among high-income countries (NBC News)

NBC News quoted Postdoctoral Researcher Theresa Andrasfay regarding an Oxford study illustrating last year’s decline in life expectancy for the U.S. “It reveals the U.S. did a poor job protecting […]

Successful Aging turns 20: Helen Dennis shares memorable advice about getting older (Los Angeles Daily News)

Los Angeles Daily News featured a column by former USC Leonard Davis lecturer Helen Dennis, who mentioned her prior work at USC and advice about getting older. “The field of […]

The Companies Gearing Up to Help Boomers Avoid Nursing Homes (dot.LA)

dot.LA quoted Elizabeth Zelinski on how Baby Boomers don’t want Life Alert-style technology. “They don’t want to wear those things, especially the one that you wear around your neck. … […]

Do COVID-19 vaccine incentives work? (Marketplace)

Marketplace featured a study coauthored by Mireille Jacobson on the low effectiveness of financial incentives for COVID-19 vaccination.

Paying Americans to Get a Vaccine Doesn’t Work, New Study Shows (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg featured a study regarding the low effectiveness of financial incentives for vaccination. “Reaching a goal of very high vaccination rates likely requires much stronger policy levers, such as employer […]

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