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Colleges are creating intergenerational living programs because they benefit both seniors and students (Business Insider)

Business Insider featured a quote from Instructional Associate Professor Caroline Cicero on how intergenerational housing can bring people from different generations together. “The social benefits of shared housing between generations include reduced isolation and assistance with basic daily activities. However, the financial benefits are of great importance too, for reducing costs of housing,” Cicero says.

College students and senior citizens living together? It’s more common than you’d think. (Insider)

Insider quoted Caroline Cicero of the USC Leonard Davis School on young adults living with older adults in retirement communities. The story also mentioned USC’s relationship with the Kingsley Manor senior living community, where students have lived with older residents since 1986.

The Guide to Making Healthy No-Cook Meals (Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports quoted Cary Kreutzer of the USC Leonard Davis School on how to prepare quick, healthy meals. “Whole foods that are fresh or even frozen can be quickly assembled and heated,” Kreutzer says.

What ‘dry fasting’ is and why you shouldn’t do it (Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles Times quoted Valter Longo and Cary Kreutzer of the USC Leonard Davis School on the detriments of dry fasting.

We Dug Deeper into the Claims on the New ‘Goop’ Show — Here’s What We Found (Healthline)

Healthline mentioned Professor Valter Longo and his research on fasting in an article about the health claims made by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series “The Goop Lab”.

Senior Living: What the 2020s have in store for aging boomers (Los Angeles Daily News)

Los Angeles Daily News quoted Pinchas Cohen of the USC Leonard Davis School on advancing the science around healthy aging.

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