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North Bay business briefs from Buck Institute, Sonoma County airport, Sonoma County Winegrowers and more (North Bay Business Journal)

North Bay Business Journal noted that the USC Leonard Davis School received a five-year, $4.6 million award from the National Institute on Aging. The USC–Buck Nathan Shock Center will forge a deeper understanding of how and why aging processes cause disease in order to advance the translation of basic research on aging into effective preventions […]

County Launches COVID-19 Outreach To Latinos (KPBS-FM)

KPBS-FM quoted USC gerontology professor Donna Benton on loneliness in older adults. She said it’s not uncommon for someone to wake up one day and realize their peer group has dwindled rather suddenly. “We may have actually lost them completely to death. So if that happens, your network is smaller and it’s that much more […]

Amid deadly virus, a push for nursing home alternatives (Salon)

Salon quoted Anna Rahman of the USC Leonard Davis School on the push for alternatives to nursing homes during COVID-19. “I think at the end of the day, you might not really be able to [move away from institutional settings],” Rahman said. “There are some people who are very, very sick, and their families cannot […]

COVID-19 Won’t Change Us Forever (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic quoted T. Em Arpawong of the USC Leonard Davis School on post-traumatic growth, which is when people thrive after a negative, life-changing event.

USC Study Finds Tiny Protein Has Big Impact on Longevity and Health (KFI 640 AM)

KFI 640 AM featured research by Pinchas Cohen, dean of the USC Leonard Davis School, into why higher levels of humanin in the body have been connected to longer lifespans and better health. “Humanin has long been known to help prevent many age-related diseases, and this is the first time that it has been shown […]

Covid-19 deaths reveal ageist perceptions of seniors, which affects the care they receive (Washington Post)

The Washington Post (via The Conversation) featured commentary by Paul Nash of the USC Leonard Davis School and colleagues on how ageism harms older adults, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. “The COVID-19 emergency gives us the opportunity to examine health inequalities in the U.S. It gives us a chance to look again at the way […]

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