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A Singular Vision:A Dream Realized

Colorful photograph of a forest, with the reds and greens of the plants in it popping out

Tyrone R. Polk
Believe in Change, 2014-15
Digital photograph on canvas
September – December 2017

Tyrone R. Polk celebrates moments of everyday life – fleeting scenes that many of us pass by. Landscapes, objects and buildings convey the beauty he sees through the lens of his camera. He captures these moments and digitally enhances the colors and details to express his own unique vision – a transformation of the everyday into the beautiful, strange, and thought-provoking.

Polk always had an eye for color. When he was younger, he realized he saw things in greater detail than most, and sought to present the mundane as he saw it: with brighter colors and sharper detail. With a borrowed camera from a relative, he found a love of photography. This love evolved into taking pictures for people that paid him for his skill.  He purchased his own equipment with that income; however, the necessity of earning a living became a priority and photography took a back seat.

In his senior years, he felt the need to pick up his camera again. He was finally in a place in life where photography could become the greatest priority. For Polk, the act of photography has been fulfilling in ways that consistently reveal the wonder of life, reminding him of his life journey and all he has overcome to arrive in the present.

Artist Biography

This Sophie Davis Art Gallery exhibit highlights the artistic freedom that can come with age. While it took a long time to accept himself as an artist, Polk is now realizing his dreams and ambitions from his youth, while bringing a lifetime of experience that deepens his art: “This is a new life for me – a new beginning. I live to produce my art.” Polk seeks to help us slow down, enjoy the beauty in life, and fulfill our full potential through the beauty of art.

The artist would like to thank Maureen Kellen-Taylor for her support and constant encouragement to pursue his work on a professional level.

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