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Editorial and Branding

For all questions regarding branding and identity and the production of promotional content for school programs, centers, labs and more, please contact the gerontology communications team at

Referring to the USC Leonard Davis School

The full name of the school is the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. “The” is not capitalized unless it begins a sentence.

Please use the full name of the school when you first reference it within your text. On second reference, USC Leonard Davis or USC Leonard Davis School may be used. The word “school” may subsequently be used to refer to the USC Leonard Davis School in context.

Usage example:

The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology was founded in 1975. Today, the USC Leonard Davis School remains an international leader in the field of aging. Each year, the school welcomes new students from across the world.

Editorial Style Guide

In general, the University of Southern California follows Associated Press Style for its print and online communications. In some cases, the university has its own style for certain uses. If you don’t find your issue addressed in these resources, refer to AP Style. You can find frequent updates for AP Style through Twitter at @apstylebook.

If the AP style guide doesn’t help, refer to the Oxford American Dictionaries or Merriam-Webster.

Download the full USC Style Guide (PDF)

Logos for Print and Digital Uses

The USC Leonard Davis logo has been provided in various USC-approved colors, arrangements and file types to suit any print or digital project. Please do not attempt to make your own approximation of the logo.

Guidelines for properly using the school logo as well as university colors, etc. are available at Contact USC Leonard Davis Communications if you are looking for a specific type of logo, or if you have questions about branding usage.

PDF of available USC Leonard Davis logotypes

USC Identity: using academic logos and marks

Download all USC Leonard Davis logo files in EPS and JPG (ZIP; requires USC login)

Branded Word and PowerPoint Templates

Templates featuring official USC Leonard Davis branding are available for both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. To request the templates, please contact the Gerontology Communications Team.

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