Daniel Winer, MD

Associate Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Adjunct Associate Professor of Gerontology


Dr. Dan Winer received an Honor’s BSc in immunology from the University of Toronto, followed by an MD from the University of Ottawa in 2002. He then completed residency training in Anatomical Pathology at the University of Toronto in 2007. Subsequently, Dr. Winer did a three-year post doc in immunology at Stanford University in the laboratory of Stanford Blood Center director, Dr. Edgar Engleman. During this time, Dr. Winer, collaborating with his twin brother Dr. S. Winer at the University of Toronto, spearheaded a new initiative which identified the adaptive immune system as an important player in the control of metabolic diseases such as obesity related insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Dr. D. Winer returned to Canada in 2010 and became an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto in 2011, where he ran an obesity and inflammation research lab associated with the Toronto General Research Institute (TGHRI), before joining the Buck Institute.

Dr. D. Winer is the recipient of several awards including the Hubert Wolfe Award in Endocrine Pathology, the Benjamin Castleman Award for human pathology research (sponsored by the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology and the Massachusetts General Hospital), the Amgen early investigator award (Endocrine Society), and the Canada Research Chair in Immunometabolism.

Email: dwiner@buckinstitute.org

Office Phone: 415-209-2000