Joshua Johnson, MAG

Part-Time Lecturer
Chief Operating Officer at West Bay Senior Living


  • MA, Gerontology, University of Southern California, 2007-2009
  • BS, Health Administration, Indiana University Bloomington, 1993-1998


Josh Johnson has been managing senior living communities since he received his undergraduate degree in 1997—and was hired by Jim Biggs. Josh spent most of his career in California managing senior living properties, where he broke records for highest net margin, highest price per unit and highest occupancy during the recession. He also holds a Masters in Gerontology from the University of Southern California.

In 2012, Josh moved to China to help a large Chinese company establish their senior living platform, where he successfully opened a 3,000-apartment CCRC and helped develop plans for six similar communities in China. He also led a team that was the first large insurance company in China to successfully invest in the U.S. senior housing market. In 2016, he started his own investment company, Atlantis Senior Living, which has been responsible for brokering over 60 properties worth over $900 million.


Email: joshjohn@usc.edu