Headshot of Kim Jung Ki

Jung Ki Kim, PhD

Research Associate Professor of Gerontology

Expertise: Big data, Social-determinants and disparities, Biodemography


Jung Ki Kim, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. She has received a PhD in Gerontology/Public Policy at the University of Southern California and dual Masters in Gerontology and Social Work. Her dissertation was on the effect of marital status on health outcomes among older people, particularly how different marital status, changes of marital status, duration of widowhood, and living arrangements affect health outcomes. She has done research on health and health-related issues in large national datasets. Her current and future research interests include work on socioeconomic status and biological risk, social support and health among older people and cross-country comparison of health status.

Email: jungk@usc.edu

Office Location: GER 218f

Office Phone: (213) 740‑0794

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