Myron F. Goodman, PhD

Professor of Molecular Biology and Chemistry and Gerontology


  • PhD, John Hopkins University, 1968
  • BSEE, Columbia University, 1962
  • BS, Queens College, 1960


Myron F. Goodman, PhD, has a primary research goal to understand the molecular basis of mutagenesis. Currently, his work focuses on three major projects. In the first, Goodman’s team is investigating biochemical and physical-chemical mechanisms governing DNA replication fidelity. He has developed a simple polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis assay to measure DNA synthesis fidelity at any DNA template site, and is analyzing how fidelity depends on DNA polymerases, DNA sequences, and on protein components of the replication complex. His second research project examines the biochemical basis of SOS-induced error prone repair in E. coli. Goodman’s third project identifies and studies normal and damage-induced DNA replication, repair, and nucleotide metabolisms enzymes using neuron and astrocyte primary and transformed cell cultures.

Email: mgoodman@usc.edu