Portrait of Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider, PhD

Professor (Research) of Psychology and Gerontology


  • PhD, Social/Health Psychology, Stony Brook University, 2010
  • Other Degree in Psychology, University of Trier, Germany, 2001


As a social/health psychologist at the Dornsife Center for Self-Report Science, my major research interests focus on the measurement of self-reported health and wellbeing. In particular, my research seeks to understand the information contained in self-reports and to develop methods that help to improve their usefulness for characterizing people’s health and wellbeing experiences. I gravitate towards using intensive longitudinal assessment strategies that have the potential for a fine-grained analysis of experiences in people’s natural environments (e.g., Ecological Momentary Assessments, daily diaries, Day Reconstruction Method). Methodologically, I am interested in utilizing modern psychometric and data analysis approaches in ways that might enhance what can be learned from these types of self-report data.

Email: schneids@usc.edu

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