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USC Leonard Davis Researchers Present During 2020 GSA Annual Meeting

The 2020 Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting, taking place virtually this year, will feature symposia, posters and papers led by USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology faculty, postdoctoral and student researchers. Below is a table listing USC Leonard Davis presenters; for more details and the full conference program, please visit the meeting website.

Download PDF of presenters by name | Download PDF of presentations by time

DayTimeSession NumberSession TitleTypeSectionPresenter First NamePresenter Last NameTitle/RolePresenter's School Role
5-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET5325Aging Experiences Around the World: Local Findings and Global Insights From Population Surveys of AgingSymposiumBSSJenniferAilshire[Chair]; Healthcare Systems and Variation in Healthcare Utilization at the End of Life Across CountriesFaculty
6-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2980-CEmotional Health and Regulation 3PosterBSST. EmArpawongResilience Factors That Modify Genetic Risk for ADHD Matter for Later Life Emotional and Cognitive Health OutcomesFaculty
4-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET3007Cognitive and Brain Function Among Diverse Racial and Ethnic GroupsPaper DiscussionBSST. EmArpawongHow Adolescent Sports Participation, Family, and School Resources Impact Later-Life Physical Activity LevelsFaculty
4-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET6500Presidential Symposium: The Future of Aging ResearchSymposiumBioBereniceBenayounSex-Dimorphism in Aging Gene Regulation: Are We Missing Half of the Picture?Faculty
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET7695Policy Series: Interdisciplinary Public Policy DiscussionSymposiumInterdisciplinaryEileenCrimminsBehavioral and Social Sciences Section PerspectiveFaculty
6-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET5585Factors Associated With Aging Biomarkers: Findings From the National Health and Aging Trends StudySymposiumBSSEileenCrimmins[Discussant]Faculty
6-Nov10:45-11:30AM ET[BSS Networking]Looking for a Job During a PandemicNetworkingBSSEileenCrimmins[co-presenting with Jennifer Ailshire]Faculty
6-Nov4:45-5:30PM ET[BSS Networking]GSA 2021 – Arizona here we come! Suggestions for next yearNetworkingBSSEileenCrimmins[Section Leadership]Faculty
5-Nov2:45-3:30PM ET9205Vincent Cristafalo Award LectureSymposium, AwardBioSeanCurranDiet-based strategies, informed by genetics, to improve healthspanFaculty
7-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET6145Interprofessional Collaboration to Address Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation With Adult Protective ServicesSymposiumSRPPZacharyGassoumisElder Abuse Multidisciplinary Teams: Describing and Classifying a Key Collaborative Resource for APS WorkersFaculty
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET10160-BBiology of Aging 2PosterBioAndreiIrimiaAge, Sex and Cerebral Microbleed Effects On White Matter Degradation After Traumatic Brain InjuryFaculty
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET10160-BBiology of Aging 2PosterBioAndreiIrimiaStatistical Estimation of Accelerated Biological Brain Aging After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Older AdultsFaculty
5-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET10500-OCOVID-19 Pandemic Mental Health 2PosterBSSJung KiKimHow Age Affects Personal and Social Reactions to COVID-19: Results from the National Understanding America SurveyFaculty
4-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET6280The Impact of Intersectional Identities on Older People With HIVSymposiumSRPPPaulNashIntersectional Stigma and Barriers to Mental Health Among Older Adults With HIV in San FranciscoFaculty
6-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET7670The Intersectionality of AgeismSymposiumInterdisciplinaryPaulNash[Chair]Faculty
4-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET5505Cognitive Aging in the United States and MexicoSymposiumBSSJosephSaenzRural and Urban Dwelling Across the Life-Course and Late-Life Cognitive Ability in MexicoFaculty
6-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET7725ESPO and Butler-Williams Symposium: Race, Ethnicity, and Overcoming Barriers to Understand Why Aging MattersSymposiumInterdisciplinaryJosephSaenzLiteracy and Cognitive Function in the Context of Marriage: A Study of Older Mexican CouplesFaculty
6-Nov4:45-5:30PM ET[ESPO Chat]The Road to Independence: GSA-NIA Collaborative Chat on strategies for career transition (& Butler-Williams Scholars Alumni Night)NetworkingESPOJosephSaenz[Panel member]Faculty
4-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET2850-AAging in Place: Supportive Individual, Family, Community, and Environmental Factors 1PosterSRPPReginaldTucker-SeeleyA Scoping Review of Aging in Place: Is the Current Literature Inclusive of African American Women?Faculty
5-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET2867-ASocial Determinants of Health and Aging 1PosterSRPPReginaldTucker-SeeleyA Scoping Review of How Financial Hardship Is Measured Among Older Adults in the United StatesFaculty
6-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET6015Adult Protective Services’ Intervention on Elder Abuse: Using Standardized Measures for OutcomesSymposiumSRPPKathleenWilber[Discussant]Faculty
6-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2981Employment Interests of Older AdultsPaper DiscussionBSSTheresaAndrasfayWork and Functional Limitations for Older Workers: Does Measurement Make a Difference?Postdoc
7-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET10340Nutrition | Obesity & Eating DisordersPosterBSSYeon JinChoiFood and Nutrient Intake and Diet Quality among Older AmericansPostdoc
7-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET10340Nutrition | Obesity & Eating DisordersPosterBSSYeon JinChoiDiet Quality and Biological Risk in a National Sample of Older AmericansPostdoc
6-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET7230Social and Behavioral Factors, Oral Health, and Dental Care UtilizationSymposiumHSHaenaLeeEarly Life Conditions, Adulthood Experiences, and Edentulism at Older AgesPostdoc
5-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET6125Housing, Affordability, and Community-Based AgingSymposiumSRPPSarahMawhorterCardiometabolic Risk Among Older Renters and HomeownersPostdoc
4-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2822Care Values and PreferencesPaper DiscussionSRPPJulia M.RowanWicked Problems: An Exploration of Elder Mistreatment ComplexityPostdoc
4-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET2850-AAging in Place: Supportive Individual, Family, Community, and Environmental Factors 1PosterSRPPJulieOvertonEnhancing Access to Home Modification for Older Adults: Research Results of a National Survey of State Units on AgingStaff
4-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2940-ADiverse Race and Ethnic Populations 1PosterBSSValeriaCardenasHispanics and Hospice Care: A Systematic ReviewStudent
7-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET10230End-of-LifePosterSRPPValeriaCardenasReasons for Refusing Home-based Palliative Care: A Qualitative Study of Patients and CaregiversStudent
4-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2937-ATechnology (BSS) 1PosterBSSEun YoungChoiDoes Ageism Widen the Digital Divide? And Does It Vary by Gender?Student
4-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET2939-BAttitudes About Aging 2PosterBSSEun YoungChoiGender Differences in Attitudes Toward Aging and Its Longitudinal Impact on Psychological HealthStudent
5-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2940-CDiverse Race and Ethnic Populations 3PosterBSSEun YoungChoiThe Gendered Effects of Education and Acculturation on Older Korean Immigrants’ Cognitive FunctionStudent
5-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET10500-SCOVID-19 Pandemic Social Isolation and Loneliness 1PosterBSSEun YoungChoiCOVID-19 Social Distancing Measures and Loneliness among Older AdultsStudent
5-Nov4:45-5:30PM ET[Award]Minority Issues in Gerontology Award PresentationAwardEun YoungChoiMinority Issues in Gerontology Poster Award RecipientStudent
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2961-BChronic Disease Management 2PosterBSSGillianFennellIs Pain Time Pattern Predictive of Future Time Perspective in Older Chronic Pain Patients?Student
6-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET2961-CChronic Disease Management 3PosterBSSGillianFennellPain Acceptance Predicts Expansive Outlooks on the Future in Older Chronic Pain PatientsStudent
7-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2942-BDiverse Race and Ethnic Populations 10PosterBSSYujinFrancoImmigrant Status Predicts Worse Subjective Memory ComplaintsStudent
7-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2849-BElder Mistreatment: Prevention, Programs, Practice, and Policy 2PosterSRPPGersonGaldamezUsing Latent Class Analysis to Identify Types of Elder Abuse: Multidisciplinary Team InterventionsStudent
7-Nov2:45-3:30PM ET6075Policy Series: ESPO/ Social Research, Policy, and Practice Section Symposium: Connecting Aging Research to Policy: Insights and Strategies for Early-Career ResearchersSymposiumSRPPHaleyGalloGetting Involved With Policy as a Graduate StudentStudent
5-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET2810Social Services: Organizational and Service User IssuesPaper DiscussionSRPPHaleyGalloDoes the Structure of Aging Services Matter? A Comparative Case Study of California CommunitiesStudent
7-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2953-DSocial Determinants of Health 4PosterBSSHyewonKangStress Is a Risk Factor for Shingles Among Older AdultsStudent
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2866-BAging Policy and Economics 2PosterSRPPNaraeKimThe Longitudinal Impact of Private Health Insurance on the Usage of Outpatient Services Among Aging KoreansStudent
6-Nov3:45-4:30PM ET5895Where We Live Matters: Residential Influences on Health and Well-BeingSymposiumBSSHaenaLeeNeighborhood and Housing Conditions and Risk of FallsPostdoc
6-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2817Informal and Formal Caregiving IssuesPaper DiscussionSRPPSusannaMageCaregiver Mental Health Outcomes: Are There Differences Across Generations?Student
6-Nov3:45-4:15PM ET3009Gender- and Sex-Centered Topics in AgingPaper DiscussionBSSMargarita Maria OsunaGender Differences in Disability Life Expectancy Among Older Adults in Colombia Age 60 and OlderStudent
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2978-AAttitudes About Aging 4PosterBSSCarlyRomanDevelopment and Validation of the Age Integration Scale: Measuring Older Adults' Intergenerational AttitudesStudent
6-Nov12:45-1:30PM ET6035Applied Scholarship in LGBTQ Aging: Implications for Policy and PracticeSymposiumSRPPMekiaylaSingletonFuture Nursing Home Placement, Health, and Relationships by Sexual Orientation: Findings From the HRSStudent
7-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET2958-DEnd-of-Life Care and Decision Making 4PosterBSSYu-HsuanWangWhat Predicts Advance Care Planning Among Older Adults: Perceived Health or the Number of Chronic Conditions?Student
7-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET10180-CCognition 3PosterBSSKristi M.WisniewskiDepression Complicates the Relationship Between Subjective Memory Complaints and Memory in Older AdultsStudent
4-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET2961-AChronic Disease Management 1PosterBSSQiaoWuCardiometabolic Risk and Biomarker Trajectories Among Older Adults: Findings From the Health and Retirement StudyStudent
7-Nov2:45-3:15PM ET2864-BDiverse Populations 2PosterSRPPMengzhaoYanThe Role of Age, Political Affiliation, and Framing in Attitudes Toward Hispanic and Latinx ImmigrantsStudent
5-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET3015Biobehavioral HealthPaper DiscussionBSSErfeiZhaoCystatin C Trajectories Among Middle-Aged and Older AmericansStudent
4-Nov1:45-2:15PM ET2962-AAging in Place (BSS) 1PosterBSSYujunZhuAssociation Between Medication-Related Problems and Emergency Room Visits Among Community-Dwelling Older AdultsStudent
6-Nov3:45-4:30PM ET5895Where We Live Matters: Residential Influences on Health and Well-BeingSymposiumBSSCatherineGarcia¿Dónde Viven Los Latinos? The Types of Neighborhoods Older Latinos Live in and Their Implications for DiabetesStudent (2020 graduate)
5-Nov12:45-1:15PM ET5045Cultural Dimensions, Unique Challenges, and Interventions for Dementia Care in the Asian ContextSymposiumAGHEJuyoungParkLife Course Themes in Japanese Americans’ Dementia Care ProfilesStudent (2020 graduate)
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