Ney Center for Healthspan Science


About the Ney Center for Healthspan Science

The Ney Center for Healthspan science is designed to be a hub of multidisciplinary exploration into the biological, demographic and psychosocial aspects of aging. It leverages the school’s uniquely wide-ranging expertise in investigating the science of aging and implementing innovations to help people live with purpose, safety and security.

The world’s population is rapidly aging, with people aged 65 or older soon expected to outnumber children younger than five. That has significant implications for society. Stress on the health care system and individual caregivers will continue to increase. Age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, diabetes and cancer will likely affect a wider swath of the population. Issues like social isolation, caregiving, housing and work opportunities need to be addressed as older adults seek to remain vibrant and vital members of their communities. The Ney Center for Healthspan Science builds on USC’s growing university-wide efforts to improve health and longevity across the lifespan.


Professor Pinchas Cohen

Pinchas Cohen, PhD

Director of the Ney Center for Healthspan Science
Professor of Gerontology, Medicine and Biological Sciences
Dean, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
William and Sylvia Kugel Dean’s Chair in Gerontology

Projects of the Center


Lessons in Lifespan Health is a podcast about the science — and scientists — improving how we live and age. The podcast is produced by the USC Leonard Davis School’s communication office with support in part from the Ney Center for Healthspan Science.


Podcast featuring Mei-Lee Ney (Work While You Have the Light)

USC Leonard Davis School board of councilors member Mei-Lee Ney was recently interviewed for an episode of Work While You Have the Light, a podcast highlighting the work of women over seventy. Mei-Lee Ney discusses her journey to becoming a successful financial advisor.

Lessons in Lifespan Health Podcast: U.S. life expectancies falling behind other nations

The inaugural episode of the USC Lessons in Lifespan Health podcast features celebrated demographer and USC University Professor Eileen Crimmins, who discusses trends in the average American life expectancy.

Investing in health

Meet Mei-Lee Ney, the trailblazer behind the school’s transformative $20 million gift.

$20 million gift creates research center on longevity and aging at USC

A new center dedicated to research on longevity and healthy aging has been established at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology with a $20 million gift from Mei-Lee Ney.