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Welcome to the USC Leonard Davis School Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Science Lab’s Multicultural Creative Arts in Senior Living Environments (MCASLE) landing page. As a partner of the Rongxiang Xu Lab, our projects aim to build a foundation of support for the science and practice of creative aging. With its renowned faculty, strong connection to the community, commitment to improving older adults’ quality of life, and its newly established Sophie Davis Art Gallery, the USC Leonard Davis School is dedicated to advancing the health and longevity of the world’s aging population through creative engagement.

Our current projects seek to provide increased understanding of core values of several cultures and multigenerational understanding among all stakeholders, but also involve low-income seniors in various creative means for expressing their cultural knowledge to younger people. 

Current MCASLE projects include:

  • Spoken word: “Cultural Legacies Across Generations” explores the cultural values of seniors through personal reflection.
  • Improvisation: Seniors partake in improvisational activities facilitated by experienced acting professionals.
  • Movement: Tai Chi instructors provide seniors with hands-on instruction to stimulate energy flow and movement.
  • Visual Arts: Professionals artists guide seniors to explore their cultural values through the visual arts.
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