Students are expected to attend invited lectures by nationally and internationally recognized scholars in the field of aging. There are generally 5-6 lectures per semester given in this series.


Speaker: Ana Gomes, PhD

Lecture: "Old Tricks, New Stance: How Aging Affects Tumorigenesis"

Speaker: Peter Mullen, PhD

Lecture: "Metabolic sensing in health and disease"

Speaker: David Vilchez, PhD

Lecture: “Proteostasis of Aging and Stem Cells”

Speaker: Albert E. Almada, PhD

Lecture: "How to Activate a Stem Cell: Uncovering Early Molecular Events Driving Skeletal Muscle Regeneration"

Speaker: Caprice Knapp, PhD

Lecture: "Advancing Home and Community Based Services for the Elderly in Medicaid"

Speaker: Maria Marquine, PhD

Lecture: "Addressing Neurocognitive Disparities in Aging"

Speaker: Daniel Promislow, PhD

Lecture: "The Dog Aging Project"

Speaker: Judith Frydman, PhD

Lecture: "Maintaining proteostasis in aging and disease: pathways and principles of eukaryotic protein quality control”

Speaker: Debra Parker Oliver, PhD

Lecture: "Building a NIH Funded Research Career: Caregiving as an Exemplar”

Speaker: Anthony Covarrubias, PhD

Lecture: "Immuno-metabolic dysregulation in macrophages during aging: Aging at the crossroads of inflammation and metabolism"