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Advance Directives Associated With Lower Out-of-Pocket Hospital Costs

Patients with advanced directives more likely to choose comfort over aggressive care at end of life, according to new USC study.

Centenarian Tortoises May Set the Standard for Anti-Aging (New York Times)

New York Times featured commentary from Caleb Finch on new studies that appear to show extremely slow aging in cold-blooded animals such as tortoises. While the mortality risk in long-living […]

How Much Does Aging Vary Across Species?

University Professor Caleb Finch discusses the wide spectrum of aging rates in the animal kingdom and what it could mean for human aging study.

Stress Might Age the Immune System, New Study Finds (New York Times)

New York Times featured a study by Eric Klopack and Eileen Crimmins on how exposure to social stress can speed up the aging of the immune system. Klopack also discussed […]

New Operator Empower Living Launches with Recent USC Alum at Helm (Senoir Housing News)

Senior Housing News featured new senior living operator Empower Living, led by CEO and USC Leonard Davis graduate Mark Reisman. Reisman, who earned his Master of Arts in Senior Living […]

Study: Stress Accelerates Aging of the Immune System

Traumatic life events, discrimination, job strain all prematurely weaken body’s mix of immune cells, making us more vulnerable to illness.

Addressing Intersectionality and LGBTQ+ Issues in Aging

Instructional Associate Professor Paul Nash, currently taking part in the 2022 AIDS/LifeCycle bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, discussed the challenges faced by older LGBTQ+ individuals in an episode of Lessons in Lifespan Health.

Professor Kathleen Wilber: Working to improve health outcomes and quality of life for vulnerable older adults

Mary Pickford Chair in Gerontology Kate Wilber discusses her work exploring ways to provide long-term care services and supports that allow older adults to be as independent as possible and the challenges and opportunities that technology provides in this area.

Lives Cut Short: COVID-19’s Heavy Burden on Older Latinos (U.S. News & World Report)

U.S. News & World Report featured Theresa Andrasfay and her research on COVID-19 Latino deaths, which showed a three-year drop in life expectancy. “A three-year reduction in life expectancy is […]

From gerontology PhD to policymaker in aging. Halley Gallo aims to help states promote health and well-being across the lifespan

Haley Gallo, PhD ’22 plans to dedicate her career to helping states implement evidence-based policies that promote healthy aging.