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Since 1975, the world-renowned USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology has been devoted to studying the human lifespan by exploring the biological, psychological, sociological, political, medical, and business dimensions of adult life. Throughout all of these facets, no two individuals experience aging in exactly the same manner; the same lifestyle choices, medical interventions, and environmental factors can have profoundly different impacts on different people.

The scientific community’s understanding of genetic variations, the interactions between genes and environmental factors, and their correlation with developing specific diseases is growing rapidly. Today, we can sequence individual genomes quickly and relatively cheaply; our next challenge is empowering people to use their genetic data to promote their own health and wellness.

Our overarching goal is to be able to predict an individual’s disease risk, prescribe proven preventive strategies, and monitor their efficacy long before illness develops. Clearly, for industries ranging from medicine to senior living to financial and retirement planning, the implications are enormous.

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